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Manifestation Quickies #1

I'm having so much fun testing out manifesting on a daily basis. I've been doing what Joseph Alai does (mentioned in my previous post) where I write a list of things I desire, big or small, and just move on with my day. I want to keep track of them so that I keep building… Continue reading Manifestation Quickies #1

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Manifesting for Others

I've been working on the idea of manifesting for others. I'm a super-empathetic person, so I take on everything that the people I care about are going through. So, of course, I want to relieve both of us of those pains or frustrations. I have a really big one in mind, and so I thought I'd start smaller...

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The Old, Chipped Cup

Since being home, I've been Marie Kondo-ing the heck out of my childhood home. We hold on to so many things it's ridiculous. My mom has been quite entertained by my determination, and has thankfully been open to my suggestions to throw/give things away. For whatever reason, we have 4 separate storage areas for cups.… Continue reading The Old, Chipped Cup

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Manifestation Monday- Stories We Tell

Hello, beautiful people! It's Monday and it's time for a success story ⭐️ This week I've been binge-watching one of my favorite YouTubers Amanda from CreateYourFuture (check her out- she's great!) because I've decided to be more consistent with internalizing these principles. This story involves the ideas "everyone is you pushed out" and how everything… Continue reading Manifestation Monday- Stories We Tell

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What Do You See When You Look Back?

It's a time of reflection for most of us. Especially those of us who live with intention, we are constantly reflecting on what we have manifested and what we want to manifest. But what do you see when you look back? We know how powerful our perspectives are. We can look back and see all… Continue reading What Do You See When You Look Back?

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Something I Realized Last Night

Last night I did some dreamy visualization about my soulmate. My imagination ran wild with the amazing things we'd do for each other and how happy we'd be, when a thought along the lines of "too good to be true" popped up. Why? I corrected myself, because I know I deserve even better than the… Continue reading Something I Realized Last Night