Hello, welcome to my blog y’all!

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now. I look at how certain things happen, and keep happening, and I know it’s because of the mind’s incredible power. This power can be used for bad (sometimes unknowingly) but it can also be used for good. I intend to do the latter.

I will have some posts that explore some issues, because I do think it’s important to acknowledge current circumstances. HOWEVER, more energy will be put into what I would consider the better reality (and of course, I’d love your feedback!)

520133e041d507bea380f12d51857026Women and all minority groups should come here and feel that they are understood, but also know that the solution is to focus on what they would rather want. Our lives are shaped by our beliefs- people with ‘positive’ beliefs have their life circumstances reflecting those beliefs, and vice versa. I got swept up into ‘Black Feminist Twitter’ which is both incredibly uplifting and discouraging. It is uplifting because there are people in the world who believe that we deserve better, and are making the effort to fight for it. But it’s discouraging because it usually exposes people with those toxic mindsets in the first place. So, I’m currently taking a step back. I know now, more than ever, what I don’t want. Now I want to focus on the world I want to create.


Follow, comment and join me on this journey to a better future.


Much love,