Hello! 🙂

This week was the start of a final year Design project. It’s an intense 5-week period, led by a man a lot of us did NOT like- at all. He took us for a few lectures last semester, and he displayed loots of white privilege and sexism. Double-whammy for, well, anyone who’s not a straight-white-dude.

Anywho, some friends and I were having heated conversations about how terrible he is, and I thought: do I really want to have a miserable five weeks, absolutely hating him? I remembered a story Neville Goddard tells in one lecture entitled “Mental Diets” (check it out) about a woman who’d had issues with her employer. He advised her to observe what she was saying to him in her head all day, making her realize she was perpetuating the situation. She changed her inner conversations with him and it was reflected back to her in an awesome new reality!

So, I imagined him being awesome, being kind and nice to us. I felt the feeling of joy that he treated us all as equals, I even played with the idea of him almost favoring my friends and I. The result?


My friends are even starting to admit, one by one, that he is much nicer. He has respect for us and values what we have to say, he even said he really likes our group and loves our questions! So, really, if we need more proof that we can alter our realities…

The possibilities are endless.

What are you holding on to? What are you perpetuating in your mind? Please share your thoughts, it would be lovely to hear from you!


Much love and happiness,