Hello beautiful humans 🙂

I was reflecting a bit this weekend, and made some simple, powerful realizations. It has been about 3 years now since discovering LOA and mind power things, and I’ve had successes but a lot of rough patches, too. I’m in a much better place, don’t get me wrong, but there are still some habits I am yet to change.

I don’t know about you, but consistency has never really been something I’ve implemented. I’ve always valued it, and admired it in others, but I have rarely made a conscious decision to do something daily/weekly no matter what. I remembered that at the end of 2013, still going through a break-up, I wrote out a fantasy and visualized it pretty much every night. I read it over and over, and really got into it. I also did believe that it could happen. And it did. To the T. I didn’t even realize until a few days later. Okay, let me tell you what it was about.

I visualized being at a bar/pub with a specific friend. We found my ex there with his new girlfriend (I knew very little about her, only that she existed) and he and my friend greeted each other. We said hi, and the girlfriend was nice to me, but visibly insecure. I was wearing my favorite striped dress, and I had an amazing time that night, whilst my ex miserably watched me, trying to get my attention, trying to tell me he missed me.

This was super fun to visualize, as you can imagine. I think I forgot about it at some point and got dressed to go out with some friends. We went to a pretty dingy club, but it was where everyone was at. I was dancing with two friends (incl. the one from the visualization) when a girl came and said hi to that friend. They hugged each other and my other friend (best friend) pulled me away suddenly. I asked what was happening and she told me my ex was here with his new girl. I said “oh, okay that’s fine, thanks for telling me” because I was having such a good time, I knew I could handle it that night. Well, he spent the rest of the night chasing me while my best friend kept trying to keep me away from him (this was hilarious, I tell you) and eventually he and his girl cornered me. He looked tired and a little sad, and gave me a long hug. She introduced herself, saying “she’d heard so much about me” (his family loved me) and they left shortly after.

The next day, when I got my phone back from a friend who’d had it (long story), I found messages from an unsaved number. It was two long texts from my ex, saying that he hopes we can hang out more, and that it was so good to see me, he still wants me in his life. He’d sent it the previous night, after he left with his girlfriend. I chuckled to myself. A few days later, when I couldn’t find that page with my visualizations written on it, it hit me:

I’d worn the exact same dress.

I was with that friend.

The night played out exactly as I’d imagined it.

Imagine how much I could make happen just by being consistent?

Remembering this forced me to assess how lazy I can be with my own dreams. Here I am, sitting with all this power in my mind, and I watch series until I fall asleep? I could be taking over the world! It’s been two nights now, visualizing my dream before bed, and I already feel shifts. I shall divulge the details soon enough.

For now, what have you made happen that you take for granted? Share with me in the comments!


Much love,