Hello 🙂

In my last post, I wrote about creative visualisation and the awesome results I’d manifested from it (read it here). I have begun my journey consistency, and I must say, things seem to be looking up.

One of my long-standing wishes has been my ideal body. I have come a loooooong way from my teens. I honestly disliked my body-thoroughly- from the time I was 10 until, I dunno…last year? I went from extreme dieting to bingeing to trying to fast for days, and ugh it was not a fun time to be me. However, that is no longer where I am. Thank goodness!

I’ve never ever even been “chubby”- I was just tall and athletic, and was teased about “looking like a man”, which does a lot to a young kid’s self-esteem. I felt unattractive to boys, awkward, but despite that I succeeded in many other endeavours. I had the tools to love myself from the beginning, but I was utterly focused on my body. Anywho, to cut this [very] long story short, I weigh less than I ever did while dieting, and I eat whatever the hell I want. 

This started with Intuitive Eating. An amazing book by Nina V (highly recommend it to anyone struggling with any sort of disordered eating) got me into the idea that maybe, eating certain foods didn’t necessarily mean being overweight. After some ups and downs I’ve gotten to a good place. I’m not where I want to be, but people have been noticing (especially my family) that I’ve lost weight.

Since committing to my nightly visualisations, I’ve been waking up feeling even thinner. I am soooo tempted to weigh myself in excitement, but I’m doing my best to focus completely on the end goal.

It sounds really cliché, but self-love has really played a huge part. Appreciating my strong, athletic body and admiring myself for it has completely changed my self-image. I walk with confidence and sass, loving my long legs and broad shoulders. Seeing and appreciating my current outer and inner beauty has made me so much happier with myself, and it allows me to see myself as the person I want to be.

I’m super excited to continue these visualisations and affirmations. After 10-ish years, I am finally making my own dreams come true. 

I will keep you posted!

Share your thoughts- gimme some luuurv 🙂

Much love,