Hello, awesome humans! 🙂

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while. Abraham Hicks talks a lot about ignoring ‘What Is’, but I realise I always kinda thought “yes, you’re right!” but I never really took it to heart, and especially not for a significant amount of time. But I want to change that now…

In wanting to alter the world I experience as a black woman, social media can be a huge setback in my vibration. I follow a lot of feminists and gender activists, which can be really encouraging and uplifting sometimes-knowing that people care. However, very often they are pointing out the wrongs, pointing out what needs to change. Which is Step 1…except we always stay there.

In the ways of the Universe, the contrast just gives us an opportunity to decide what we really want. Hence, as soon as I see a gender inequality, I should find a way to formulate that into a request, imagine what it would feel like, believe I can experience it, and let it go to the Universe-focusing entirely on the reality I want to manifest. But I’ve found social media (in some forms and quantities) definitely brings me back to square one. I’m back being angry, believing the world is really fucked up and that there’s no solution. I don’t want to live like that!

I’ve managed to alter how certain people react towards me- the course coordinator I mentioned in Inner Conversations, as well as a friend in my friendship group, who’s much warmer to me than other people describe her as. But I know now, that if I have the power to bring out pleasant sides of these two people, I have the power to bring the best out in men around the world. I have the power to bring out the best in white people, rich people, poor people, you name it. Because when we alter our reality, everything must change on the outside. Imagine how much we could achieve if MILLIONS, even thousands of us, decided to alter our mindsets?

So, as the title suggests, I have been withdrawing from reality this week. I haven’t cut it cold turkey- I go on Facebook for 3 minutes and Twitter to promote my music- but even then, I see some things that could alter my mood if I let them. It’s been great! My affirmations are generating more good feelings, and I’m looking forward to other shifts in my reality.

I’ve also been applying this to my ideal-body goals. Although I don’t weigh myself, I usually lift my shirt up to see if my abs look flatter. It’s an obsessive habit that I picked up during my disordered-eating years that I still need to shake off. I only started that today, though, so I shall post updates on that later 🙂

So tell me: what efforts will you make to focus on your desired reality? Share your thoughts!


Much love,