Hello! 👋🏾

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. ❤

I’ve been thinking a lot about change. Duh, I know. But as an active feminist on social media, change in an LOA sense is a little difficult to grasp. Being constantly bombarded with all the terrible things that women are subjected to, and trying to draw attention to it is frustrating. So, I’m considering another approach.

I shared a link to a video in a previous post about multiple realities (here), which explains how every person experiences a different world according to their beliefs and expectations. It’s a tough pill to swallow, to accept that I only encounter things that I keep active in my vibration, that I believe are real, and that I expect to encounter. For those of us who are striving to live according to the Universal Laws (such as like attracts like), we can understand why we keep facing the same issues. But for most people, the solution seems to be: make people aware of it, and keep pointing out the problem until it disappears.

This is what is happening now with racism, homophobia and sexism (among others). We are ever-aware of how problematic those issues are, how prevalent they still are in reality. And, as a black woman who experiences two of those, I can say: we’re right. We are right. About everything. And, I can honestly say, being right is probably the only comfort we can take in this. Someone saying “okay, I see what you mean” or deleting their offensive post is the smallest win we can get from these issues.

But I started asking myself: do I want to be right?

Not about this, no.

There are plenty of objectifying or incredibly offensive posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And the more aware of it I become, the more I encounter. But I don’t want to be right about this. I don’t want to keep finding these stupid posts that piss me off and make me feel like there’s no hope for women, or black people, or fill-in-the-blank’s.

What I want is for women and men’s sexuality and desires to be given equal importance. What I want is for women to grow up knowing that they are not temptresses who cause men to behave irresponsibly. What I want is for women to be praised for their intelligence, accomplishments and bravery as much as men are, and for that to be adequately represented in the media. Those are some of the many things I want.

And those are what I should be focusing on, whatever it looks like to me. Because that is the world I’ll create.

Abraham Hicks emphasizes how the contrast only guides us into deciding what we want. The bad is there to make us realize what we want instead. But that’s Step 1. And that’s where we stay.

And that is the problem.

So, I guess this post is more of a lecture to myself, with the main message being:

Getcho mind together, and start creating the world you want to live in, girl.

And I hope that speaks to you a little. ❤️

Feel free to share your thoughts, and have a wonderful Friday. 🌸

Much love,