Hello from Mauritius!

One of the perks of being the last-born, is that I get the most sponsored vacations in my life. My sister now has a disposable income, and I am so grateful that she chooses me to go along with her. We’ve always wanted to go to Mauritius (like everyone in the western world, I’m sure) and it’s finally come true!

We’re drawing to the end of our trip, and I have to share a few things about how my mind has been. I am completing my final year thesis and I’m technically graduating in about 2 months. However, there’s a lot going on at my university at the moment, and honestly, this holiday could not have come at a better time.

I wish I could say I’ve been blissfully ignoring the circumstances at university the whole time, but it hasn’t been so easy. There’s an inexplicable need to know what’s going on, even though it’s

  1. predictable
  2. not going to affect me anyway, and
  3. only going to add negativity to my mind.

Staying off Facebook and Twitter has been a challenge. I’ve recently managed to break whatever addiction I had to Twitter, and I’ve barely been on in weeks. However, Facebook is a little trickier for me. I get this sense of guilt when I post a picture of my amazing holiday on Facebook, whilst everyone is caps-locking their political stances in their statuses. I tend to worry that I look ignorant to others, even though everything that’s going on affects me more than anyone knows. There are just some issues I choose not to be vocal about. But then I thought to myself:

So the-fuck what?

Not only are there enough people throwing around their opinions. Not only will my expressing my opinion in a Facebook status change nothing about what’s going on. Not only will engaging in arguments in comments sections just frustrate me, but

I’m in Mauritius. I’m in fucking Mauritius.

Am I truly going to miss out on the perfect opportunity to ignore the negative and be blissfully happy? Am I really going to put the opinions of others over my having a good time? Am I truly going to feel guilty about the blessings I have because some people want to engage in negativity?

Absolutely not.

So, here I am, having a wonderful lazy Thursday morning 3 meters from the warm Indian Ocean, ignoring Facebook arguments, reading an amazing novel by Chimamande Ngozi Adichie. It’s taken me a few days to be present, to take in the beauty of the blue waters and the sun in my face. But I’m here.

Living the life I’m meant to live.

One of peace, happiness and joy.

Much love,