So we’ve all received the devastating news about this year’s elections, and if I’m honest, the results do not surprise me. See, Trump was working with one of the most powerful Laws of the Universe: the Law of Attraction.

Have you ever heard “the things I fear come upon me” or “what you resist, persists?” Well, Trump had the whole world in fear. And that is precisely what put him where he is now.

I remember commenting on a random Instagram post from a page DEDICATED to posting about why NOT to vote for Trump. And I thought: ‘have people really not caught onto this? Still?’ I simply said “don’t give him all this energy. Focus on the candidate you want” and their response was “we have to point out all the sh*t he’s doing otherwise he’s gonna win.” And that’s it, that is the collective delusion of the world- that we have to keep pointing out the negative until it goes away. But that’s not how it works. How did he go from being a ridiculous joke of a candidate to the one in the lead? Saying outrageous things that got him attention. I’ve long thought that had we just ignored him- a crook with no experience in politics- and focussed on someone else, feeding attention to that candidate and that one only, things would have been different.

We focussed on Hillary too late- all of our focus was on reacting to Trump. No scandals got in his way, because he already had everyone’s fearful thoughts creating for him.

So, I think everyone has learned a lesson: focusing on what you don’t want (screaming about it, posting about it, listing why it’s bad, etc etc) will only keep it active in your reality.

Or, at least, I’d like to think we’ve learned a lesson.

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