There’s a pretty grim outlook on the future, on our current reality. There’s an idea that this Trump thing means that the next four years will be terrible. While there is not a single percentage of me that was rooting for him, I am aware of the fact that the Laws of the Universe are much more powerful than any human system. Alright I’ll cut to the chase:

Trump, or any president, does not have the power to create our realities, unless we believe he does

Now, I know this sounds a little outlandish, but the fact is: we have the power to create the reality we wish to experience. There is nothing impossible to the human mind- I mean, Trump just showed us that! I posted a link to a video in this article here about how we don’t live in one single world, but rather, we live in whichever world we believe exists.

So, as much as we want to be right about how shitty a president Trump would be, in reality we don’t actually want to live in that reality. We want to continue to break boundaries, we want to keep creating a world where it is glorious and wonderful to be a black woman, a queer person, a Muslim. We want to continue to create a world where the way we look does not determine the amazing things we can achieve.

Trump winning does not have to mean everything goes to shit. People aware of the Law of Attraction know that only we have the power to determine our destiny.

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend ❤️

Much love,