I don’t know how many hits over the head it will take for me to learn this lesson, but I am accepting that I can’t be half-in half-out about this conscious creating lifestyle.

Hello. I’m back, bitches.

I’ve been having quite a hard time, I won’t lie. Getting more and more involved in ‘activism’, even just on social media, took its toll on me and my view of the world. Although I am aware of the ‘many-worlds theory,’ (as I wrote about here and here) and that I am the creator of my own reality, my efforts to contribute to a better world for women and people of colour have been in direct contradiction to my current beliefs. I now know about the Law of Attraction, and it’s too late for me to go back to the old methods of change.

With the recent political events, it’s been difficult not to get involved somehow. Being ‘woke’ has become somewhat of a trend, which is truly a good thing (more people being aware of bullshit that racists/sexists put out), but for someone who is trying to create consciously, it’s not such an easy thing to be. Feminism and pro-black movements have helped TREMENDOUSLY with my self-image, I cannot stress that enough. But the negativity that they sometimes report on has affected me more.


As Abe Hicks says, contrast is good. I have unlearned so many detrimental social norms that previously limited me. I’ve become awakened, sexually liberated, more in love with myself and more hopeful about my future. But unlearning leaves a gap for learning, and I’ve been ignoring that. I’ve been unlearning and getting mad that I was taught that in the first place, which gets me nowhere. Yes, it sucks that girls are taught things that boys aren’t, but being angry about it does nothing. The best thing I can do to change the world is to be so fearlessly me that it ripples out into those around me, those who read my words, those who follow me on social media.

So, I have successfully gotten myself back up again. Going all in, jumping fearlessly into the reality in which I want to live.

Hope you will join me- it’s a pretty kickass place to be.

image taken from: http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/art/The-Abyss-333599379