I’m sure many of you who’ve read LOA or positive thinking books have encountered the fact that the reader is always referred to as “he.” Despite the fact that the authors are telling us to create our own worlds and not limit ourselves, they exclude women from being successful in terms of business/careers. It has bugged me a bit, but I have to make excuses like “well, they were living in a different time” or “they didn’t realize they were doing that.” While that may be true, it is a relief to see that one [male!] author addressed this in a book.

Stuart Goldsmith, author of The Midas Method, writes:

Here are two fairly typical examples: JOHN: “I’m useless at maths!” DAD: “Nonsense son, you’ll just have to try harder.”

Compare this with: MARY: “I’m useless at maths.” DAD: “Never mind sweetie, you can’t have a pretty face AND be clever at everything can you?”

Going right back to the beginning of this book, do you remember that I told you how I read every ‘Positive Thinking’ book that I could get hold of, then synthesised my own method? Well one thing that really struck me after about the fifth book, was that women were totally excluded from these books. In every single book, the reader was always referred to as “he” NEVER “she” and the books were all crawling with nice little sexist examples using a boss, (always a man), and a secretary, (always a woman), as the main characters.

Why do I make this point? Because ‘Positive Thinking’ books are rarely aimed at women. Women are NOT encouraged by our society to raise their level of I-CAN belief. In fact it is definitely frowned upon if a woman appears too capable or appears to believe in herself (unless that belief is confined to ‘safe’ subjects like cooking or bringing up babies). Most women who do possess a high level of I-CAN have long ago learnt the trick of playing it down – especially in front of male associates.

It is not my intention to explore the subject of sexism at length in this book. I am not qualified to do so, and it has been well covered by other authors. I only wanted to use this as an example of how a lifetime of training in lowering a person’s I-CAN belief, can result in their being confined under a very low ceiling. I said earlier that most people are confined under a three foot ceiling; if you’re a woman reading this then subtract one foot!

It’s awesome that he recognized that and addressed it so well. It’s really important to include women in talks of ambition, success and riches without limiting them to outdated social rules.


It is my hope to one day inspire women with books, quotes or other pieces of writing that allow them to feel as valued, as capable, and as worthy of success as they are meant to be. We have always been equal, and we’re waking up from the collective delusion that suggested otherwise.

I’m really grateful to him for addressing it.